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In computing, Oracle Application Development Framework, usually called Oracle ADF, provides a commercial Java framework for building enterprise applications. It provides visual and declarative approaches to Java EE development. It supports rapid application development based on ready-to-use design patterns, metadata-driven and visual tools.

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Course Content

Oracle ADF Course Content

Introduction :

Introduction to Fusion Middleware

Introduction to Oracle ADF and MVC

Introduction to ADF architecture and lifecycle

Introduction to Jdeveloper/Weblogic and different releases




Exploring JDeveloper and Weblogic:

Listing JDeveloper benefits for application development

Using the features of the JDeveloper IDE

Defining IDE preferences

Database Designing Tools in JDeveloper

Creating applications, projects, and connections in JDeveloper

Introduction to Weblogic deployment and configuration settings

Data modeling and DB diagrams

ADF Business Components:

Introduction and advantages of ADF BC

Types of ADF Business Components

Creating Business Components

Creating Application Modules

Business Component Browser

Testing the data model

Entity Objects and Associations:

Introduction to Entity Objects

Creating Entity Objects

Entity Object implementation and definition classes

Explanation on data persistence using Entity Objects


View Objects and View Links:

Introduction to View Objects and its attributes

View Object implementation and definition classes

Data population using View Objects

Creating updatable View Objects

Using View Links

Creating Master-Detail relationships

Creating and using View Criteria

Creating LOVs

Exposure of data to clients:

Creating and Designing Application Modules

Using Master-Detail View Objects in Application Modules

Managing Business Components transactions

Testing Business Services with ADF Model

Programmatically Customization of Data Services:

Generating Java classes

Programmatically modifying the behavior of Entity Objects

Programmatically modifying the behavior of View Objects

Adding service methods to an Application Module

Using Client APIs


Understanding Model and UI validations

Handling validation errors

Using Groovy expressions in validation

Using programmatic validation

Validation Event Points

ADF Binding Validation

ADF Faces Validation

ADF UI Technologies:

Introduction to available UI technologies

Java Server Faces and ADF Faces

ADF Data bindings

Creating Managed Beans

Using Phase and Event Listeners

Using Action listeners and methods

Using a Page Definition file

Exposing Business Components as Data Controls

Examining Data Binding objects and metadata files

Binding Existing components to data

JSF Expression Language

Running and testing the page

Pages and Layouts:

Layout basics

Using component facets

Implementing validation in the user interface

Adding Functionality to Pages

Internationalizing the user interface (using resource bundles)

Displaying tabular data in tables

Displaying hierarchical data in trees

Displaying text or media with icons and images

Defining search forms and display results

Displaying data graphically

ADF Faces Skins

Reusability and Navigation:

Creating and Using Page templates

Creating and Using Page Fragments

Introduction to ADF Task Flows

Creating a Task Flow and using ADF Task Flow components

Using Method Call Activities

Defining control flows

Creating routers for conditional navigation

Calling methods and other task flows

Contextual Event Framework


Parameter passing

Using ADF Faces Navigation Components

Using Buttons and Links

Using Menus for navigation

Using Breadcrumbs

Using a Train component

Transaction Management with ADF task flows

ADF Security and Deploying ADF Applications:

Understanding ADF Security Framework

Creating a WAR Profile

Creating a EAR Profile

Testing the Server Connectivity

Configuring Deployment Options

Deploying the Application with Weblogic

ADF Logging

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